Victoria man who rode “420 delivery bike” arrested on marijuana charges

The man's "420 delivery" cart. Source: Facebook
The man’s “420 delivery” cart. Source: Facebook

Police in the capital of British Columbia have made an arrest after spotting an unusual street vendor peddling a cart along the streets of Victoria.

According to reports by local media, a 22-year old man who has not been named was arrested after officers spotted him riding around the city’s downtown area which had “420 Delivery” stencilled on the side.

After stopping the man, he was found to possess 150 grams of marijuana. Police are said to be recommending a charge of possession for the purpose of trafficking.

Social media users were united in their support of the man’s business idea.. “I might have opted for more subtle branding pending changes to legalization/legislation, however, I would run after him for a doobie on a nice day like a kid chasing the ice cream man!!” wrote one female reader.

A male reader had this to say: If he paid hefty taxes and surcharges on it, then will they leave him in peace to do a job he’s going to anyway, somehow? Just make it legal already and stop wasting people’s time! Booze is the thing that should be banned; it causes infinitely more and damaging problems than pot ever will. It’s like the government is run by idiots or something.”

Another commenter added: “Because cops have nothing better to do like…bust crack houses, pedophile rings or million dollar frauds…yes bust this guy *SMH honestly! Police officers need to get priorities straight.”

Regardless of the public support, it appears the man could be in some trouble for his enterprising idea – he’s been released on a promise to appear in court next month.