Vancouver man claims order from fast food shop contained ‘metal pipe’

A file photo of unrelated fried chicken. Source: Facebook
A file photo of unrelated fried chicken. Source: Facebook

An unwelcome piece of copper pipe was discovered in a box of takeaway fried chicken from a Vancouver takeaway shop, disgusting the customer and his friends who had already chomped their way through most of the meal.

The restaurant serving up the chicken & copper combo is located in Richmond, and reportedly was using the piping component as a paperweight to hold down the sheets used to line takeaway boxes, according to a report by local media.

Somehow during the packing process the pipe ended up alongside the fried chicken and was later discovered by the customer. The local council has urged the customer who received the bonus item to make an official complaint so that the restaurant can be formally investigated.

It’s been an interesting few weeks for the fried chicken world, with earlier reports of a potential deep fried rat at a leading takeaway chain being debunked. In that case, the alleged rat turned out to be nothing more than an unusually-shaped piece of chicken.