Swarm of tarantulas invade remote Australian country town

A tarantula poses in this file photo. Source: Facebook
A tarantula poses in this file photo. Source: Facebook

If you’re not a fan of spiders you may wish to look away now. The news out of Maningrida, near Darwin in Australia’s Northern Territory, will likely leave you positively disgusted.

An estimated 25,000 tarantulas have literally taken over the small town, and nobody has any idea why.

Local scientists are puzzled by the invasion but are thrilled to be able to investigate what has caused it. Local residents, however, are distinctly less impressed.

“I’m considering moving to Alice Springs,” said Robert Partridge, a local hair dresser, “I have had enough with all these bloody spiders!”

However, the good news for those staying put in town is that the appearance of these creepy critters is a lot worse than their bite. The venom is not strong enough to kill, although if you are bitten you’ll likely be stuck in the dunny vomiting for the next six to eight hours.

Spider fans from some parts of the world have written that they may consider visiting Maningrida for the unique experience of seeing so many spiders in one place. “In my country, it’s a delicacy to eat barbecued tarantula,” wrote a man from Belize.