Singapore police investigate viral video of school boy fight

Images taken from the viral video. Source: Facebook
Images taken from the viral video. Source: Facebook

Police in Singapore have announced they will investigate a viral video that appears to show a gang of young men fighting with a boy in a stairwell. Local media has reported that one of the boys in the video was wearing an item of uniform from a local secondary school.

The school in question admitted that some of its students were involved, with the school’s principal quoted as saying: “We take all incidents of fighting seriously, and will continue to educate our students on anger management and appropriate behaviour.”

The short video has already been viewed over 1 million times on Facebook, and has received hundreds of comments from angry Singaporeans who have condemned the violence. The footage shows that the victim did not fight back, and a group of bystanders did nothing to intervene in the beating.

Singapore’s Ministry of Education said it ‘could not comment further as the case is under police investigation’.

There has been a general outcry from Singaporeans following the release of the video. One local man spoke to the press, saying: “These videos could have been uploaded on social media to threaten other youths, or as a way of getting attention… The [two boys] definitely need counselling and intervention, and support is needed for the boy who was beaten up.”

Social media users condemned the violence, saying that the perpetrators must be brought to justice. One woman wrote: “It’s scary that the boys can be so violent at such a young age,” while another had this to say: “These boys need to be corrected before they get out of hand.”

Meanwhile, a police spokesperson gave the following statement to the media: “[We] take a stern view of lawless and violent public behaviour, which could threaten the sense of safety and security in the community… Any person who resorts to violence and riotous behaviour will be dealt with severely, in accordance with the law.”