Queensland man ‘attacked by goat’ recovering in hospital

A file photo of an unrelated horned goat. Source: Facebook
A file photo of an unrelated horned goat. Source: Facebook

Police on the Gold Coast were called to an incident involving a man and ‘an aggressive goat’ at a rural property at Tallai.

It was reported by local news that a neighbor of the man heard the goat’s attack and reported the incident to the authorities, who quickly responded to the scene.

Upon arrival, it was discovered that the culprit was an unusually aggressive horned goat, and the man was found to be in a highly distressed condition. Investigators believe that the attack had lasted for a sustained period of time.

After the rescue crews fought off the goat, the man was treated by medical responders at the scene before being taken to a local hospital. There was no immediate update on the man’s condition.

At the same time, the goat was tied up by the police, and is reportedly awaiting the arrival of a team from the local city government to decide its fate.

“I personally think the goat should be put down,” wrote a social media user from Brisbane. “The risk it poses to the public is obviously too great to allow it to roam freely. If the victim had been a young child it could have been a fatal attack.”