Man fired for failing to pay taxes. His job title? Louisiana tax commissioner


A New Orleans media outlet has reported that a state tax commissioner has lost his job after a local television station exposed the fact that he hasn’t paid taxes on a property he owns for 30 years.

The man left his position at the Louisiana Tax Commission at the request of Governor John Bel Edwards.

It is alleged that the tax commissioner involved owed approximately $140,000 of taxes on a property in New Orleans.

The governor’s office released a brief statement, saying:

“Upon learning of [the commissioner’s] previous tax avoidance issues, Gov. Edwards immediately began a review of his appointment. Since the issues involve property tax avoidance with the City of New Orleans from an entity he owned that filed for bankruptcy decades ago, we were not aware of it and he did not disclose the information. However, after discussing the matter with [the commissioner], Gov. Edwards immediately asked for his resignation from the commission which became effective immediately.”

As a member of the tax commission, the commissioner received a salary of over $50,000 per year to oversee the state’s tax policy.

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