Los Angeles cat wins lifetime supply of pet food after saving boy from dog attack

Tara the cat celebrates her pet food windfall. Source: Facebook
Tara the cat celebrates her pet food windfall. Source: Facebook

A pet food company has awarded a Los Angeles cat named Tara a lifetime supply of cat food after video emerged of it saving its owner – a six year old boy – from a vicious dog attack.

The incident took place as the boy rode his bicycle in the driveway of his family home, in Bakersfield. As the vision shows, the dog – owned by the family next door – came running out from the neighboring property and slammed into the young boy.

Although the attack took just seconds, the dog left deep bites that required eight stitches. However, the dog could have caused much more serious injuries to the boy had Tara not intervened.

Moments after the dog struck the child, his pet cat is seen sprinting across the driveway and pouncing on the much larger dog, causing it to flee from the scene. Soon after, the boy’s mother appears on the video rushing over to her child, while Tara stands continues chasing the dog back to the neighbor’s property.

In the aftermath of the incident, Jeremy – the boy who was saved by Tara – described her as ‘his hero’. The vision was shared thousands of times on social media, and prompted a local pet shelter to award Tara their animal bravery award – a title usually bestowed upon dogs that serve with the police or armed forces.

“We were so impressed by Tara’s bravery and fast action that the selection committee decided that a cat this spectacular should be the National Hero Dog,” said a spokesperson for the shelter.

In addition to the bravery award, a local pet food company announced that they would provide Tara’s family with a ‘lifetime’ supply of cat food and treats, which would be delivered monthly. “A cat like Tara deserves our thanks and respect for her bravery,” said the pet food firm’s public relations officer. “We’re so glad to hear her story and wanted to pay tribute to her.”

Meanwhile, Jeremy’s parents also paid tribute to Tara, labelling her as a loyal pet who always watched over her young owner. Speaking of Tara, Jeremy’s father said:. “The neighbour kids come over and play with her. Dogs walk by all the time. She gets along fine with our dog, Maya. But if Jeremy falls off his bike, she comes running. If he starts crying, she comes running.”

Reaction on social media to Tara’s brave rescue were overwhelmingly positive, praising the feline for her selfless actions. “WOW….I am a dog person but this is one amazing & awesome cat…you go Tara!!” wrote one male viewer after seeing the video of her exploits.

A female viewer had this to say: “I have no idea what came over that dog. I can hardly believe that it just all-of-a-sudden attacked like that with no provocation. However I am NOT surprised that Tara attacked the dog. People don’t give cats enough credit for how much they can care for their families just as much as dogs and other pets, nor do they give cats enough credit for how brave and strong they can be.”