DC Park Police officer ‘shoots his own foot’ during fight with raccoon

A raccoon poses in an unrelated file photo. Source: Facebook
A raccoon poses in an unrelated file photo. Source: Facebook

A raccoon attack on a Park Police officer in Washington DC’s Rock Creek Park has ended with the officer accidentally shooting himself in the foot while trying to fight off the small attacker, and the officer was rushed to hospital, according to local media reports.

The incident took place on Horse Stable Road in Rock Creek Park. The officer involved in the raccoon attack was rushed to a nearby hospital, although his condition was said to not be life threatening.

According to a report by a local news outlet, the raccoon was executed humanely at the scene, and the raccoon’s carcass was removed for burial at an appropriate location.

It is not yet known why the raccoon decided to attack. Typically, that breed of raccoon does not seek to involve itself with humans, preferring to hunt small creatures at night. “I think this could be a new breed of more aggressive raccoon,” said a local animal expert at a Washington research firm. “Potentially we may now see an increase in raccoon-related attacks on humans.”

Meanwhile, social media users were quick to come to the defence of the raccoon, calling on those that dispatched it to have more humanity. “The poor raccoon was just defending its territory, there was no need for it to be put down,” wrote one concerned reader.