Blind dog found wandering the streets saved from being put down by timely adoption

A photo of Issac and Isabella at the shelter. Source: Facebook
A photo of Issac and Isabella at the shelter. Source: Facebook

A blind husky found wandering the streets of San Bernardino County has narrowly avoided being put down after a generous couple, who have already rescued a number of abandoned dogs, agreed to adopt him.

As reported by local media, the husky, who shelter employees christened Isaac, had been found roaming around the Californian town of Fontana accompanied by a chihuahua terrier mix, who they named Isabella. The rangers who found the pair say that Isabella was helping Isaac navigate the streets, on account of his blindness.

“It’s just really remarkable how she’s always trying to be aware of where Isaac’s at and you know if he’s not right behind her, she’ll stop and wait for him to catch up with her,” said an employee of the animal shelter where the pair were brought. “It’s really funny, and just like I’ve never seen anything like it before.”

While the story of the Isaac and Isabella touched many of the employees and volunteers at the shelter, there was a looming deadline for the pair to be euthanized, in line with the standard protocol. “We just don’t have the space or the resources to shelter stray and abandoned dogs indefinitely. We really rely on generous members of the public who can adopt these dogs and welcome them into their families.”

An appeal was made on Facebook to find such a family who could adopt both Issac and Isabella. “The situation was somewhat unique. It’s tough enough to find a home for one dog, but when there’s a pair it makes things somewhat harder.”

Staff at the shelter were able to find individuals with the resources to adopt either one of the dogs, but they didn’t want to split them up. “Without Isabella, Isaac would have struggled to cope with his vision disability, while Isabella would have missed her big companion too much. We were worried we wouldn’t be able to find an adoptee in time.”

The mood at the shelter was grim as the day approached when Isaac and Isabella were scheduled to be put down. However, on the afternoon before that day arrived, a reprieve was announced – just in the knick of time. “We had a family come in to the shelter who’d seen photos of Isaac and Isabella on Facebook, and even though they’d already adopted a number of dogs in the past, they felt they couldn’t sit by and let them be destroyed.”

Shelter staff were delighted when the family announced that they would adopt Isaac and Isabella. “In all my years of working here, it’s the happiest I’ve ever been that a dog could find a new home,” said an employee at the shelter.

Isaac and Isabella are reportedly doing well at their new place, and are settling in well with the other dogs in the household. Crucially, the adopting family do not own any cats, as staff noticed that Isabella reacted with shock whenever a cat would pass her at the shelter. “She’s far bigger than any of the cats but she acts like they’re tigers or something,” laughed one team members.

Shelter staff are happy that both dogs found a new home, but they do miss the pair. “There’s a very loving relationship between these two and how they know what the other needs or what the other is saying is amazing,” said an employee. “It’s like an old couple that’s been married for 60 years and they just know what’s going on with the other person.”